Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gentlemanly Names: Henry


Gender: Male

Origin: German

Meaning: "ruler of the household"

Common Nicknames: Harry, Jane Austen uses it a few times.

Regency Popularity: Very commonly used by all classes and especially among royalty.

Jane Austen Usage:

  • Northanger Abbey - Rev. Henry Tilney is the witty and charming hero. A clergyman who lives at his Parrish Woodston but spends much time with his father and sister at Northanger Abbey and visiting Bath. He marries the heroine Catherine Morland and shares her passion for reading novels.
  • Emma - Mr. Henry Woodhouse is the owner of Hartfield in Highbury. His wife Catherine dies leaving two daughters: Isabella marries John Knightley and Emma marries George Knightley. His grandson is named after him.
  • Emma - Master Henry Knightley is the oldest son of Isabella Woodhouse and John Knightley, named after his grandfather Henry Woodhouse.
  • Mansfield Park - Henry Crawford is the "villain" of the story. He is the brother of Mary Crawford, half-brother to Mrs Grant, brother-in-law of Dr. Grant. He and his sister Mary were brought up by their uncle Admiral Crawford and his wife. Has an estate in Norfolk called Enscombe. He trifles with the feelings of the three ladies at Mansfield Park.
  • Mansfield Park - Sir Henry is mentioned by Mr. Yates as the guest of Lord Ravenshaw's houseparty.
  • Persuasion - Sir Henry Russell was the late husband of Lady Russell, he was only a Knight so his title couldn't be passed down to any children they might have had. 
  • Sense and Sensibility - Henry Dashwood of Stanhill and Norland Park. By his first wife he had one son, John; by his second, three daughters, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret. His death at the beginning of the story sets the events of the plot in motion.
  • Juvenilia: Henry and Eliza - Mr. Henry Cecil is the hero of the story, he married Eliza.
  • Juvenilia: Lesley Castle - Mr. Henry Hervey
  • Juvenilia: Evelyn - Mr. Henry
  • Juvenilia: Amelia Webster - Mr. Henry Beverley a character who marries on of George Hervey's sisters.
  • Juvenilia: The Three Sisters - Sir Henry Brudenell
  • Juvenilia: Sir William Montague - Sir Henry Montague
Jane Austen's Life:
  • Henry Austen (1771-1850) - brother, fourth oldest Austen child, married his cousin Eliza de Feuillide.

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